About me!

Hi, first time! I'm a gaming fan from London and I'm happy you're here!I started streaming towards the end of 2020 but started to put more effort in at the start of 2021, I stream regularly 3 times a week and play a range of games across all platforms.I'm a variety gamer and I'm looking forward to streaming something for everyone, whilst building a community of gamers in our Discord where we chat about games, movies, music, pets and food amonst a ton of other topics.If you're not already followed over at twitch.tv/hifirsttime what are you waiting for? Click HERE to go head there now and follow! Be sure to check out the links at the top of the page for my other social accounts and the community discord server!

Streaming Schedule

I stream almost every night, exceptions will always be communicated via Discord and on my Twitch ScheduleMy usual schedule looks something like:
Mon: 4pm - 6pm & 9pm - LATE
Tue: 9pm - LATE
Wed: 4pm - 6pm & 9pm - LATE
Thu: 9pm - LATE
Fri: 4pm - 6pm & 9pm - LATE
Visit our Discord where you'll always get the latest updates, and have tons of fun!

Contact Me

Feel free to send me a message, and also check out my social links at the bottom of this window!

Thank You

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